IKL Care The Perfect Care Company Established 1998
IKL Care       The Perfect Care Company Established 1998

Our extensive range of services

Here at IKL Care we can supply an extensive range of care support services designed to help you and your loved ones maintain an independant life which is hassle free and under your full control 


We will make sure that the care we provide will take into consideration the gudelines set out in the Health & Social Care standards "My Support, My Life" and will cover the main princles which are:

Dignity & Respect


Be Included

Responsive care and support



What YOU the service user should expect from your care supplier:

1. I experience hight quality care and support that is right for me

2. I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support

3. I have confidence in the people who support and care for me

4. I have confidence in the organisation providing my care and support

5. I experience a high quality environment if the organisation provides the premises. 

Our services at a glance

  • Morning visits: to include all personal care, assist & administer medicines, showering & toileting, dressing, prepare and help with breakfast, clean up breakfast dishes,
  • Lunch visit: to include toileting, assist & administer medicines, prepare and help with lunch, clean up lunch dishes
  • Tea Time visit: to include toileting, assist & administer medicines, prepare and help with meals, clean up tea dishes.
  • Evenining visit: to include toileting,assist & administer medicines, bed times, prepare for bed, prepare and help with supper, clean up supper dishes.
  • Bed time visits: to include toileting,assist & administer medicines, undress and prepare for bed and if required overnight stays.
  • Outings: we encourage our service users to remain active and indepedant so we can provide support workers to accompany you on any outings you may require e.g. Shopping, hospital, doctors, dentists appointments, hairdressers, cinema, family occasions or just a night out for a meal.
  • Supported visits: we supply support workers to help you with attending further education classes e.g college or after school clubs and activities, kids activities, sports clubs, youth clubs.

These are a few guidelines as to the services we can supply, we can build a care support plan to suit your needs to ensure you receive the care you really need.

Need an individual consultation?

Simply call us on 01259 404027 and speak to one of our experienced friendly care support team who can arrange a home visit.

Contact Us

IKL Care

1-3 Coalgate


FK10 1EH

Tel: 01259 404027




We are always on the look out for new support workers. Why not pop into our office in Alloa and find out more information. Full details available on our recruitment page.




IKL Care have reached a milestone in delivering care in the community. We are very proud to have reached 25 years in business and continue to strive to provide the best care possible to our service users.




We are delighted to report that once again we have been awarded high marks from the Care Inspectorate for our recent unannounced inspection. Well done to all the managers & office staff who assisted with the inspection and to all our hard working support workers who continually perform under exterely tough conditions to deliver excellant care to all our service user's. Full details of the report are available on our reports page. 




We recently underwent an unannounced ispection from the Care Inspectorate. This will be our first inspection post covid. The draft report has marked us as a 5 overall. Full details to follow.

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