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IKL Care       The Perfect Care Company Established 1998

Coronavirus updates




  • Continue to wear a face covering 
  • Avoid crowded places where possible
  • Clean hands and surfaces regurarly
  • Stay 2M away from other people
  • Self isolate and book a Covid test if you have symptoms.


Please check the following link for information of what you can and cannot do during the continued Covid outbreak.








We are delighted to have taken delivery of hand sanitiser from local drinks manufacturer Diageo. 


The bottles are 500ml 80% alcohol hand rub and will help us subsidise our current stock. 


This is a very welcome gesture from Diageo as all care companies continue to battle for PPE supplies without having to pay vastly inflated prices for masks, gloves, hand gel and aprons.










Front line care workers now have access to full face visors after ClacksFirst secured funding from the Scottish Government to allow an Alloa firm "Thredgards" to produce full face visors for local front line workers. Due to the strain on PPE availability for all care companies, this has come as a positive step forward in the battle against the COVID-19 virus, We are delighted to say that we took delivery of the new items this week and are now availabe for our front line workers.





Front line care workers can now be referred to Forth Valley Health Care for immeadiate testing if they show signs of having the virus. 



If any of our support workers feel they have symptoms we can now refer them for testing. The process has been quite quick with results coming back in 48 hours. Workers must be able to travel to one of the testing stations, the nearest for IKL Care being in Stirling at the newly refirbished Stilring Royal Hospital. The facility is a drive through area and results are text to the person within 48 hours. This is a welcome move by the Government to try and ensure that front line workers get tested and are available for work with vulnerable persons. This will also give much needed peace of mind to our service users and support workers during this difficult time.




A local soft furnishings company based in Alloa are making up material face masks and linen bags for all frontline workers free of charge. Rags and Tails who normally produce soft furnishings for showhomes have turned their hand to making material face masks suitable for wearing to the shops etc and linen laundry bags which allow front line workers to store dirty/used work clothes in the bag ready to take home to wash.


We were delighted to take delivery of face masks this week which we have distributed to support workers and their families to assist with trips to the shops etc. 


The compant have now posted on their facebook page a step by step guide on how to make up a simple face mask with the basic materials. Going forward it looks like the Government will at some point suggest that all people out and about after the lock down should consider weareing some sort of face mask until the virus has been defeated.


Forth Valley healthcare has announced that they will be increasing "testing" for front line workers. At the moment this is only being extended to Police and Ambulance services (currently nurses and doctors etc are being tested). They are hoping to increase their "drive through" capability for these front line workers. 


There is the facility for current front line care support workers to request a test, but only for workers with "symptoms". They will have to contact NHS forth valley to request this via email. They will then be asked questions to see if they are suitable for testing. This is a drive to get front line workers back to work. Care managers are encouraged to use the email helpline to supply information on potential support workers who have "symptoms". The support worker will then be contatced direct by a nurse who will advise if they are suitabel for testing. 


We would still welcome the testing of all front line care support workers. This would give all support workers and service users additional assurance on the fight against the virus.


30.03.20: STAFF LEVELS: 

Curently we have employed several "bank staff" to assist with covering staff on "self isolation", "Sheilding" and sickness cover. We have followed Care Inspectorate guidelines regrding initial training, induction and disclosure PVG checks.




Please note that as of 27.03.20 the Office will be closed to non essential persons and/or visitors. 

The managers and supervisors are still at work and are dealing with increased numbers of calls relating to the COVID-19 situation. 

The office front door will be locked at all times with a notice informing anyone that they need to contact the office on 01259 404027 if they require entry. 

Staff have been informed and time slots have been made available for them to collect ppe and delivery drivers to the office will have to call ahead for access.




Given the current unprecedented  situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be trying our hardest to give as much updates and factual information on this page whenever updates become available. 


We would like to take this opportunity  to inform all our service users that we will be working as normal as possible throughout the coming the days and weeks to ensure that care is still being supplied to our service users. 


We hope that you understand that in the current situation we will be working extremely hard to keep disruptions to a minmum with your care packages.


All of our service users and support workers have been issued with what guidelines we are putting in place so try and protect both our staff and service users. 


To all our service users: Please be assuerd that we have a fantastic dedicated sensible and responsible group of support workers who will follow IKL Care guidelines AND WILL NOT BE AT WORK IF THEY ARE SHOWING ANY OF THE SYMPTOMS  advised as being the symptoms of the virus. 


Please except our apologies if you have experienced any disruption to your service i.e a change of times and where we have had to take the very difficult decison to cancel "non essential" visits. These measures have been put in place to minimise the risk to our service users and relieve some pressure on the care staff who will be required to provide care to those most in need.


The impact of closures of colleges, sporting groups and other such activities that our service users regularly attend has given us no option but to address these type of support visits.


Our office staff are currently under extreme pressure and are working around the clock trying to rearrange visits and answer queries and in general trying to keep the service running as smoothly as possible. We respectfully request your patience at this time and will do our utmost to update you when any new information becomes available.

Contact Us

IKL Care

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Tel: 01259 404027



Wearing of face masks:

Please note that as of Monday 21.09.2020  we will be reinstating that ALL VISITORS to the office will be required to wear a face covering. If you are in any doubt as to wearing a face covering then please call ahead and we will advise




Office closed:

Please note that there will be no access to the office on Friday 28.08.2020 from 1pm till 3pm due to outside reapir work and new sngage being fitted..





Restricted office access:

Please note that from Monday 10th Aug till Friday 14th Aug there will be restricted access to the office due to internal repairs. If you require a visit to the office please phone ahead and arrange.





Duty of candour annual report:

Our annual report is now available via the Duty of candour page.




Alloa local shops and businesses getting ready for re-opening:

Shops and businesses in Alloa town centre are geraing up for re-opening once lockdown restrictions are eased in the coming weeks. Shops are looking at how they can open effectively whilst protecting both the customers and staff with effective use of PPE, distancing and cashless ayments. 




Diageo donates hand sanitiser:

Global drinks manufacturer Diageo has pleged to donate over 8 million bottles of hand sanitiser to front line health and care worker.

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